Documentary 'Birds Nests'

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Oct 27 2018 -
17:00 to 18:00
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Public Talk

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Adyar Nature and Environment Centre (ANEC)
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Documentary on "Birds Nests"


The following event had to be postponed and will be informed separately when the date is known.

“START”: “Save The Adyar River Today” -campaign
“Citizen’s Action Plan for Reclaiming the Adyar River”

Speaker: Mrs. Sheila Sri Prakash
Founder Trustee of the Reciprocity Foundation

Brief remarks about the Speaker, RF and “START”

   Reciprocity Foundation (RF) was founded by Architect & Urban Designer Mrs. Sheila Sri Prakash to raise awareness, engage minds, build networks and motivate actions towards creating sustainable cities. RF partners with a large number of private corporations, likeminded NGOs and other stake holders to galvanize a citizens movement for achieving specific goals.

   Having lived in Gandhinagar from her childhood days Sheila had witnessed first hand the steady deterioration of the Adyar River on whose banks Gandhinagar is situated. She therefore decided to do something to reclaim the Adyar River. On 30th September RF launched “START – Save The Adyar River Today” campaign with hundreds of volunteers recruited with the help of the Environmentalists Foundation of India (EFI). The Theosophical Society and its residents being one of the important stakeholders are keenly looking forward to learn more about this laudable initiative!

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Awareness of our Adyar River situation

Documentary 'Birds Nests'


Adyar Library Hall
Founders Avenue
600020 Adyar, Chennai , TN
Tamil Nadu IN