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Aug 4 2018 - 09:00 to Aug 11 2018 - 11:00
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Consciousness, Contemplation, Commitment: The Future Is Now

The 11th World Congress

In Singapore
4 - 9 August 2018

Consciousness, Contemplation, Commitment:
The Future Is Now

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1. Day, Lecture 'A Theosophy for Tomorrow' by Tim Boyd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFGLcXOyu1s

1. Day, Evening Multi-Racial Cultural program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn8JAxKMdYU

1. Day, Opening. Sorry for the lost voice of the other microphone https://youtu.be/26AHPhCsSsA


We are excited about the first-ever World Congress held in Asia! Our members in Singapore have been making preparations for more than a year, and are looking forward to welcoming their Theosophical sisters and brothers from around the world. Singapore is a beautiful, multicultural, world-class city with a thriving Theosophical group. We hope you can attend!

World Congress is held not more than once in every seven years ! Join this one. Previous Congresses were held in Rome (2010), Sydney (2001), Brasilia (1993), Nairobi (1982), New York (1975), Salzburg (1966), Geneva (1936), Chicago (1929), Adyar (a Jubilee Congress  1925), Paris (1921).


Opening on Saturday 4 August at 9.30 am (Singaporean time)

Our present actions shape the future. It is the work we do now within ourselves and for others that determines what the Theosophical Society will look like in years to come. This Congress is to encourage us to actively participate in the NOW, to come to a shared vision foru our future.

Featured presenters include

Mr Tim Boyd, President of the TS 

Dr Cassandra Vieten, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, California, USA

Program will include Lectures, TIP-talks, Presentations, Explore Groups, Grand Discussion. Public Lecture in the Regional English Language Centre. Chinese Opera, Evening by Singapore Lodge, Half-day Outing.
Can't miss all these!

Late Registrations by 20 July 2018. Note the upgraded rates.


There are two Hotels side by side, Ramada and DaysHotel. The program takes place at Ramada's Congress Hall. Accommodation is in both Hotels.

We have only package rates. Packages include:
* accommodation from 3rd to 9th noon (for those attending the TOS Conference see the package below until 11th noon)
* conference fee with programs from 4 (morning, opening) to 8 August (late evening with banquet)
* meals (breakfast, 2 tea/coffee breaks, lunch and dinner) from 4th to 8th August, and breakfast on 9th.

SGD$1,193 for twin-sharing
SGD$1,645 for single occupancy
Ramada (****)

SGD$1,328 for twin-sharing
SGD$1,843 for single occupancy

Hotels give smartphones with unlimited 4G and IDD calls to selected countries. (IDD = international direct dialing)


Registration Form is in attachment.
Partial scholarships are available through secy.hq@ts-adyar.org
Any questions may be directed to Singapore: 2018wc@singaporelodge.org

About Singapore


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After the World Congress

The TOS International Conference

(TOS = Theosophical Order of Service)
will be at the same venue

9 - 11 August 2018

SGD$374 for twin-sharing
SGD$525 for single occupancy
Ramada (****)

SGD$419 for twin-sharing
SGD$591 for single occupancy

Includes conference fee, breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9th to 10th August, and breakfast on11th

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Hosted by the Singapore Lodge

about the destination, Singapore website
Some photos also in this link



1. The artist Joma Sipe was "inspired" by MERLION The Merlion (MalaySinga-Laut) is a well-known icon of Singapore depicted as a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. It is widely used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. The logo is not a replica of Merlion. 

2. Two of our Founders, H. P. Blavatsky and H. S. Olcott were both Leos.

3. The lion logo shows strength, leadership, but also fairness thus portraying great majesty.

4. The colors used were adopted from an original 1886 book  publication Theosophy, Religion and Occult Science by Henry Olcott. Coincidentally those colors link directly with Singapore and its Chinese background and history.

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The Congress will kick off on Saturday morning on 4 August. Beautiful, clean and interesting Singapore




Ramada & Days Hotel
16 Ah Hood Road
329982 Singapore
1° 19' 36.858" N, 103° 50' 47.6664" E