Glimpses on Chinese Philosophies in the Light of Theosophy

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Jan 11 2016 - 08:00 to Jan 22 2016 - 17:00
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School of the Wisdom
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Wisdom, the universal heritage, cannot be confined to a particular region on earth. Almost at the same epoch of the flowering of great philosophies in India, another part of the East, namely China, witnessed the blossoming of great philosophical thinkers. This session will tentatively give a broad outline of Chinese philosophies in the light of theosophy.

The first week will deal with the foundations of Chinese mind before Bodhidharma. There will be exploration into the I-Ching, the Tao Teh King as well as the Analects, while making glimpses on main great Chinese philosophers such as Lao Tzeu, Confucius, Tshuang Tzeu, etc. Approach to theosophical concepts will be tentatively shown.

The second week will be dedicated to examining the evolution of the Chinese thought under the influence of Bodhidharma’s contribution. With the birth of Chan Buddhism and its development, Chinese practical mind grew into metaphysical dimensions. Some aspects of Chan and Zen Buddhism will be examined. The week will end with an exploration into another dimension of the I-Ching as a book of oracle. If time allows, the daily life in Chan Buddhist monasteries will be illustrated.

Recommended reading

- I-Ching, original text translated by Richard Wilhelm & Baynes, Princeton University Press
- Tao Teh King*
- The Analects* by Confucius, Dover Publications, Inc. New York
- Chuang Tzu, Basic Writings*, translated by Burton Watson, Colombia University Press
- Zen Buddhism by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (three volumes)
- The network of thought by Jiddu Krisnamurti*, KFI
- Seeking Wisdom by N Sri Ram*, TPH Adyar
(*) recommended to read before attending

No course fee.
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Accommodation is provided during the event duration. Meals are optionally provided.


Glimpses on Chinese Philosophies in the Light of Theosophy


Adyar, Blavatsky Bungalow
Blavatsky Avenue Adyar
600020 Chennai , TN
13° 0' 37.9332" N, 80° 16' 4.9224" E
Tamil Nadu IN


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The School of the Wisdom aims at bringing each student to survey life ‘from the centre’, which is intuitive awareness. There can be no Wisdom without an ever-increasing sense of Wonder. Essential in the progress towards Wisdom is a growing intimacy with all aspects of Nature.

The SOW was inaugurated in 1949 by C. Jinarajadasa, the fourth International President of the TS, to revive the 1922 Adyar School initiated by Annie Besant. This school was named Brahmavidyā Āśrama, which has almost the same meaning as the School of the Wisdom.

TIMINGS (may vary according to the course)

ONLINE classes
Weekly: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Classes: 2 hours per day


The SOW is meant for members of the Theosophical Society to deepen their understanding in theosophy, making it a living force in daily life. Students may apply for all or some of the School of the Wisdom sessions in one form and are expected to attend all the classes in the session chosen.

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For students joining any SOW programme, we recommend reading the following:

01 - The School of the Wisdom by Jinarajadasa and Radha Burnier (PDF)
02 - An Unending Path by Tim Boyd (PDF)
03 - Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Society (PDF)
04 - Freedom of Thought: Is it Essential? by Linda Oliveira (PDF)
05 - Why Freedom of Thought? by Pedro Oliveira (PDF)
[[06 - What is Truth? by H. P. Blavatsky (PDF)]]

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La Escuela de la Sabiduría tiene como objetivo llevar a cada estudiante a examinar la vida "desde el centro", que es la conciencia intuitiva.  No puede haber Sabiduría sin un creciente sentido de Maravilla. Esencial en el progreso hacia la Sabiduría, es una creciente intimidad con todos los aspectos de la Naturaleza.

La SOW fue inaugurada en 1949 por C. Jinarajadasa, el cuarto presidente internacional de la ST, para revivir la Escuela Adyar de 1926 iniciada por Annie Besant. Esta escuela se llamó Brahmavidyā Āśrama, que tiene casi el mismo significado que la Escuela de la Sabiduría.

HORARIOS (pueden variar según el curso)

Clases en línea
Semanal: lunes, miércoles y viernes
Clases: 2 horas diarias


La SOW está pensada para que los miembros de la Sociedad Teosófica profundicen su comprensión de la teosofía, de modo que la conviertan en una fuerza viva en la vida diaria. Los estudiantes pueden aplicar para todas o algunas de las sesiones de la Escuela de la Sabiduría en un solo formulario y se espera que asistan a todas las clases en la sesión elegida.

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Para los estudiantes que se unen a cualquier programa de la SOW, recomendamos leer lo siguiente:

01a - La Escuela de la Sabiduría Jinarajadasa 1949 (PDF)
01b - La Escuela de la Sabiduría Jinarajadasa 1950 (PDF)
01c - La Escuela de la Sabiduría Radha Burnier (PDF)
02 - Un Sendero sin final por Tim-Boyd (PDF)
03 - Libertad de Pensamiento & Libertad  de la Sociedad Teosófica (PDF)
04 - Libertad de Pensamiento por Linda Oliveira (PDF)
[[05 - Qué es la Verdad por H. P. Blavatsky (PDF)]]