World Congress 2018

The 11th World Congress

will be held in Singapore

4 - 9 August 2018

from morning of 4th to late evening of 8th
(6 nights from 3 to 9Aug 2018)

followed by the International Conference of the Theosophical Order of Service
(TOS International)

9 - 11 August 2018
(2 nights from 9th to noon of 11Aug 2018)

DETAILS: see Events

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1. The artist Joma Sipe was "inspired" by MERLION The Merlion (MalaySinga-Laut) is a well-known icon of Singapore depicted as a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. It is widely used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. The logo is not a replica of Merlion. 

2. Two of our founders H.P.B. and Henry Olcott (HSO) were LEO.

3. The lion logo shows strength, leadership, but also fairness thus portraying great majesty.

4. The colors used were adopted from an original 1886 book  publication "Theosophy, Religion and Occult Science"  written by Henry Olcott. Coincidentally those colors link directly with Singapore and its Chinese background and history.

5. All Theosophical symbols are inserted.