Brain, Consciousness and Transformation

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Nov 16 2009 - 08:00 to Nov 27 2009 - 17:00
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School of the Wisdom

This session will explore four subjects:

  • intelligence (sense of survival, significance of life, fear, desire and reasoning);
  • evolution (animal brain, human brain, brain-mind, consciousness);
  • structure and function of human brain and
  • function and behaviour (average behaviour, perversions, creativity, thought, knowledge, superstition, religious life, transformation and mutation of brain cells).


Dr Satish Inamdar worked professionally as a Cancer Surgeon and is interested in enquiring about life.  He has been associated with the Krishnamurti Foundation India since July 1988 and is presently the Director of the Foundation’s Bangalore Education Centre.  He has also been Director of the School of the Wisdom at Adyar for several sessions in the past.

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Accommodation is provided during the event duration. Participants will receive printed matter which outlines activities Please bring your own laptop/notepad etc. Meals are optionally provided. Sign up for it separately


Brain, Consciousness and Transformation


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The School of the Wisdom aims at bringing each student to survey life ‘from the centre’, which is intuitive awareness. An intense sense of Life must always accompany every true student. There can be no Wisdom without an ever increasing sense of Wonder.

Essential in the progress towards Wisdom is a growing intimacy with all aspects of Nature. The message which each tree, flower, animal, meadow, sea, sky, and cloud has, must be listened to and understood.

Timings (may vary due to the course)

Monday to Friday
Meditation: 8.00 to 8.30 a.m.
Classes: 8.30 to 11 a.m. and 3.30 to 5 p.m.
Some afternoons will be reserved for presentations by the students, who may spend free afternoons doing research on their own or at the Adyar Library and Research Centre.  Applications for Library reading/ borrowing cards are available.

All sessions are held in Blavatsky Bungalow, Adyar Campus, Chennai.

Applying to the School

Application Form you find as an attachment from the Session's description. Students may register for all or some of the Scool of the Wisdom sessions in one form, and are expected to attend all the classes in the session chosen. The form should be sent to:



The Theosophical Society
Secretary's Office
The School of the Wisdom
Adyar, Chennai 600 020, India
Tel: ( +91 44 ) 2491 2474 and 2491 7198


If you need accomodation, please specifically say so in your application, or send the accommodation needs to There are two styles

LEADBEATER CHAMBERS (LBC), Western style accommodation, basic amenities

Member rates:
Single Rs. 500/- per day per person
Sharing Rs. 400/- per day per person

Non-member rates:
Single Rs. 1000/- per day per person
Sharing Rs. 800/- per day per person

NEW QUADRANGLE, Indian style accommodation, bathrooms outside, is basically for Indian participants. Rates are given on request.


All meals (breakfast+lunch+dinner) will cost Rs.190-220/- per day, according to what you order. Taking only lunch (Rs.70) must be informed the day before. Tea/coffee at 4 pm is Rs.20.

Other information

Scholarships, full or partial, may be provided for some deserving TS workers. Applications should be made well in advance,  providing full details and suitable recommendation.
Those members who wish to stay for the International Convention are requested to register separately, see instructions.