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Adyar Renovation Project

Future of the Adyar Estate

Look at the new website dedicated to the renovation of the headquarters of the TS-Adyar. Click on the link or the icon below to find out more about this initiative.

A presentation by Tim Boyd and Michiel Haas 'An Outlook on the Future of the Adyar Estate' (video)


Rains hit Chennai worst in100 years

Donations for flood relief in Adyar, Chennai, India


All of our people and the TS campus at Adyar are OK.

5 Dec 2015: During these historic rains and flooding in the city of Chennai, we were affected by some flooding of the ground floors in a couple of houses, but the damage was minimal. More...

Exhibition in Adyar Museum

The Theosophical Influence on the paintings of Mrs Florence Fuller

You are invited to the Exhibition of some of the works of this great artist at the Adyar Museum during the Annual Convention 2015-16.


Mrs Florence Fuller