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Radha Burnier, homage with respect

Radha Burnier (1923-2013)

Two years ago, 31 Ocober 2013 Radha Burnier passed away. Respected, wise, true Theosophist.

In 15 November 1923 she was born.

Her whole life was dedicated to Theosophy.

TS in Bolivia

Bolivia is now a Section

The TS in Bolivia, with 113 members and 11 Lodges, became a Section this year after functioning as a Presidential Agency for 50 years.

See The Charter which the President signed in October 2015 at Adyar, Headquarters.


President signing the Charter
A Tour of Adyar

Some future plans

A presentation looks at the international headquarters of the Theosophical Society and the plan for its future development. July 2015.

VIDEO: Tim Boyd: Tour of Adyar